Warframe: a Review

People of the internet, the question has stood for an exceptionally long time: what is awesome? Can this question actually be answered by human minds?

Sure it can.

Mech Suits are awesome. An awesome game about Mech suits can be found in the shape of the title Warframe.

The game was developed by Digital Extremes, who also developed Bioshock 2 and many other interesting titles, so we’re off to a good start.

The game touched down on the 25 of March, 2013, establishing itself well as a co-operative free to play third person online action game.

Steam marks the game as Very Positive both recently and overall, with lots of reviews- 3,855 recent reviews and an astonishing 117,528 reviews overall.

It only earned an Okay 68 on Metacritic, and has won:

The Zam 2013 Action Game of the Year

The IncGames 2013 Reader’s Awards – Best Free to Play

and finally

It was the champion of the MMOBomb.com Ultimate F2P Showdown.

The game supports fourteen languages, which is a record for us, but only English gets Full audio, as usual.

Unfortunately for Linux or Apple users, Warframe is exclusive to Windows on the computer, but it is available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

On Windows, it requires 2 GB of Ram and 10 GB of storage space, so it’s pretty intense compared to what we’ve seen previously.


The story is interesting. We are one of the last of an ancient group of godlike beings called the Tenno, who have access the a piece of ridiculous tech called a Warframe, which is essentially a Mech suit that channels their own godlike power into a machine. However, we’ve been in cryosleep for ages, only to be awoken by a being called The Lotus who says we are needed again. Before we can leave though, we are discovered by a person called Vor, who places a device on us. We escape anyway, will help from The Lotus, and must remove Vor’s device from ourselves.


Our avatar is an unnamed Tenno. We know nothing about them- we don’t even know what a Tenno looks like without their Warframe for a long time. Characters we do know of somewhat, however, are the Lotus, who acts as our guide throughout the game, and who, again, we know basically nothing of, and Ordis. Who is awesome. Ordis is the AI for the player’s old ship. Unfortunately, it’s our old ship, left ‘parked’ while we were in cryosleep, and was thus effected by time and by raiding parties. As you’d expect, being essentially left to rot and having chunks teared out of them for an undetermined (but long) period of time, they’ve gone slightly crazy. And by that I mean utterly insane, but in a very likeable way, that draws out our empathy.


The game is a mostly third person shooter with lots of parkour- I mean lots. In fact, you’re basically a robot ninja. Objectives are very standard; point defence, mobile defence, hunt and destroy, reach an objective and then reach extraction, etc. They’re executed expertly, which excuses their Generic nature.

The game’s HUD is a pretty standard, but very well executed third person shooter HUD, featuring your Health, Your Ammo and current weapon, your objective, and a mini-map.

There are three kinds of weapon you will be equipped with at any one time. A Primary Weapon, which is generally some type of firearm or bow, a Secondary weapon, usually some kind of pistol or throwing knives, and a melee weapon, usually some kind of sword. These weapons have levels which increase over time. Additionally, you can get modifiers to strengthen your gear and new Warframes to use.

The game’s difficulty curve is okay, but you will need team-mates for most missions- expect a lot of matches with people you have no knowledge of.

The game’s progression unlocks new blueprints to make new equipment, and abilities for your Warframe.

The game also hosts a bunch of achievements if synchronised with Steam, and the levels are fun enough to be rewarding to reach.


The game is a joy to watch. The environments are beautiful, and well-executed. Unfortunately, these environments are reused very often, kinda draining the magic from them.

The music is very much a background thing, but it enhances the atmosphere all that much more. Said atmosphere is practically indescribable, but it’s very enjoyable.


This is a free to play game, but it’s free quality. So go. Go now. Play this game. Unless you’re younger than 13 years of age, or dislike high violence- and even then, the violence can be disabled in the options. I’d say that this game is probably the best I’ve reviewed so far.

First, I would like to thank you for reading. Please remember that you can use my email, voltofficial1@outlook.com, to send me things. If I use them I will credit you in this section.

I’d like to ask you guys activate your follow function. Any feedback is good feedback, as long as it’s constructive. This is Voltatilis, and I’ll see you next week for the next review.


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