BIT.trip presents… Runner2 Future Legend of Rhythm Alien!

Hello again, peoples of the internet.

As you may recall, our last review on Bit Evolution was quite a bit of fun.

Despite what they say… Mindless fun is okay sometimes, but I personally think it’s better when paired with some Satire. So, scouting through my Library, I found a title by the name of BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner 2 Future Legend of Rhythm Alien.

That’s the actual title, by the way. This pretty much confirms my choice.

Runner 2- which is what I’ll call it from now on by the way- was in fact not developed by BIT.TRIP, but by Gaijin Games. It turns out, BIT.Trip is actually the name of this game series, to which Runner 2 is the latest instalment.

The game was uploaded on the 26th of February, 2013, earning praise as a rhythmic platformer- which is essentially a fusion of a rhythm game and a platformer.

Steam marks the game as Very Positive, with a nice, wide reviewer count of 2526 and counting.

It has been gifted a good 85 on Metacritic, and has an IGF award- unfortunately, the game only supports English, however.

This game is available on a nice wide array of platforms, these being Windows, OS X, Linux (including Steam OS), Wii U, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3, 4, and Vita, as well as iOS. On all computer platforms, it only requires a minimal of 2GB of memory and 850 MB of storage space.

The story is… well, it’s satire in the form of a Saturday Morning cartoon-like cutscene that basically says ‘does there even need to be a story? This is a rhythmic platformer!’, featuring story elements like a layer of the atmosphere called the ‘hypersphere’ and a dimension that is located ‘at the Apex of Light and Matter… (in) a wavelength of the optical spectrum’ (which apparently also features Flavours, AM, PM, and FM.).

For our avatar we have a choice of character, the defaults being Commander Video, the alternative being Command Girl Video, who is literally a pink Commander Video with a bow and… minor physiological changes. The satire is off the charts here. As I said before, we have a range of Avatars, but they are all silent protagonists- they lack even facial expressions, and all play the same: perhaps this is Satirical, again, but I honestly can’t tell at this point. These are the only real character’s in the game so let’s move on.

The game is a fairly simple platformer- jumping, sliding, kicking. The twist comes from the musical elements. As you obtain small red orbs, the beat speeds up and becomes more advanced, and your actions (such as jumping over foes) add notes to the song.

The ‘HUD’, if you can call it that, features the score- achieved through successful actions and lowered by failures- and the amount of Gold you have collected, which is a collectable in the game that can unlock bonus stages.

The game’s difficulty curve is very organic, making it perfectly enjoyable to anyone.

The game’s progression, however, has one serious flaw- the game doesn’t have enough check points, merely one each level. For longer levels, this really does become difficult.

The Game is basically a 3D Cel-Shaded Saturday morning cartoon, the characters relatively un-detailed compared to the backgrounds, to great effect when accentuating said backgrounds, which are beautiful and vibrant, featuring bright colours like pinks and reds. Brown and dingy has it’s place- just ask Warframe- but this isn’t it, and the game shows that off. Obviously, being a rhythm game, the music is phenomenal. The atmosphere’s a tad thin, but I’ll happily let that slide for a game like this.

This game is great. I am not good at it, but I enjoy it very, very much. If you really like platformers or rhythm games, this is very much your tune. And even if not, you could have a great time anyway. Just remember that it’s a tad hard.

Thank you again for reading. I was pleased to receive a comment on the Youtube Video review for BiT Evolution from Mastersnipes16: They ask if I can tackle the Watch Dogs Franchise. My answer: Yes, definitely, just give me a few weeks.

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